Bring brick and mortar sensory experiences online so that consumers around the world can get enriched shopping experiences.

Tasked with finding a viable solution to improve the online shopping experience, our group was excited to partner with Shopify in a design sprint.




Time Frame


What's the Problem?

Online shopping is not as personalized or interactive as in-store shopping, leaving consumers uninterested and unengaged. 

78% of shoppers say an enjoyable in-store atmosphere plays a key factor in opting to make purchases in-store vs. online. 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

58% of consumers say that engaging video content has a positive impact on their shopping

4/10 consumers around the world say “feeling like the experience is personalized to me” makes them more likely to purchase something

Users are 56% more likely to return to a site that recommends products

The Challenge

How might we deliver personalized and interactive content to young consumers to improve their online shopping experience while helping them find what they want faster?

User Research

We conducted primary research by interviewing 15 millennials in North America and gathered 3 main insights:

  1. Overwhelming options to explore when shopping online
  2. A need for a personalized experience 
  3. Value in informative product descriptions

Key Quotes from Interviews

“My best experiences come when I am able to check in and checkout in about 2 to 3 clicks"

“I would like to see online items on my body before I make a purchase”

“I like watching videos that show how to use a product"

User Journey Map



The user opens the website of their favourite store



The user signs up to the website, and is greeted with the default homepage



The user navigates to the item their looking for by clicking various categories



The user views the product details, looking at the few photos provides



Needing that item, the user adds to cart and purchases


The user visits site often, why not provide a personalized experience?

The brand knows what user likes, why show them products they won’t buy?

The user wants to see more visuals. How does it move? How does it flow?


Usability Test Findings

  • Enjoyed the concept of personalizing options for items; colors, size, fit etc.
  • Liked the interactive video feature
  • Would like to see more information about model to compare and reference height/weight measurements

Measuring Success

Interactive videos will provide a rich user experience and the ability to display a variety of products in a more entertaining and engaging way, resulting in increased conversion rates and decreased bounce rates for merchants

Next Steps

1. Integrate interactive video feature into a variety of Shopify merchant shops from a range of industries: Beauty, Home Decor, Wedding planning, Ebooks etc.

2. Continue to test the product-linking feature, obtain user/merchant feedback on its effectiveness, iterate any changes needed i.e. personalization algorithm etc.


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