For the second project at Emily Carr, we were partnered up and asked to create a "service" for our fellow classmates. The purpose of this prompt is to offer an informal service that builds on our unique skills, knowledge and interests. My partner Faizaan Siddiqui and I had a concerningly large amount of love and appreciation for Apple products, so we wanted to parallel a service that was easy to use yet beautiful and intuitive.

Something that we acknowledged right away was that our classmates were from all over the world, and would eventually need to relocate to Metro Vancouver to conduct the lectures in-person. Faizaan was one of these classmates, arriving to Canada while we were planning the service. Realizing that I had been born and raised here I could give Faizaan great suggests for places to visit and grocery stores to buy from, but that's where my help ends. Like Faizaan, students relocating to Canada have multiple hoops to go through in order to move, even before they step off the plane. With this in mind, how might we help students immigrating to Canada make settling in as seamless as possible?


We decided to create Budd-E, a service to help students immigrating to Canada with a checklist of things to do before, during and after arrival, along with trustworthy places to visit and to shop at. Currently focusing on Emily Carr students, Budd-E aims to help streamline and ease the process of settling in while also providing personal opinions and curated shops.


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We broke up Budd-E into four categories:

Travelling / To-Do / Finances / Essentials

Travelling can be complicated, so we added information about Vancouver Bus and Skytrain system.


The To-Do list will help you as soon as you land. Set up a Compass Card with ease, and find a phone plan that suits your budget.

Finances include all money-related aspects, including setting up a GIC.


You need to get your Essentials somewhere, so we added options for you based on your preferences and budget.


We wanted to make sure that various budgets were considered and to provide opinions from real student experiences.

Phone plans in BC are complex. We wanted to make sure you had all the information available before you commited to anything.


The Future...

Next steps for Budd-E include adding personalized suggestions based on various factors (budget, distance, dietary preferences, etc.), along with expanding the service to other provinces with tailored experiences.

Again, thank you to my amazing partner in crime Faizaan Siddiqui. Check out his work here.


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